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The creators of RuneScape have developed a new card game called Chronic: RuneScapeLegends. This title is free, but you will have the opportunity to improve your deck by buying packs of cards with real money or with change in the game. Each pack contains 5 cards at random.

Here, your Legends will fight for the middle of 5 different areas (called chapters) until you reach the final battle against the opponent. A tutorial game will teach you the basics, and in addition, we will show you below some tips and tricks for this card-based game.

Combat against AI on the questioning of Bronze, Silver and Gold

For the moment there are 5 legends in the Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. When you start, you only have one available – Ariane, or the Raptor. So the first thing you need to do is to unblock the others – Ozan, Linza, and Venescula – by beating them to meet various difficulties.

Not only will you unlock access to new captions, but you’ll also get new cards, experience points, copper coins, and your first three package increases.

Play as many games against the AI ​​as you can until you get to level 6. As a result, you’ll have all the unlocked base cards, which are absolutely necessary if you decide to go up the rankings.

Casual / Classified Game to unlock dungeoneering

When you have all the letters, and legends unlocked, you will be able to play some casual matches or qualifiers against real players. This will give you enough experience to reach level 15 , which will unlock dungeoneering, which is the best way to get more packs and in the game currency.

Legend, it’s easier to start in the Qualification is Ariane , because their base letters are strong enough to take you to Level 15 without problems. The game is still new, so you will not find players with complex points.

When you enter Dungeoneering (similar to the Hearthstone Arena), the challenge will be bigger, but with better rewards. Here you will have to know very well the cards to build a balanced deck. Even for the runescape gold for sale you will be having the best options.

Practical bridges

After accumulating a certain amount of letters, you can start creating different bridges for each of your legends. Keep in mind that each legend has its own terms, with which you will work to create a solid bridge.

  • For example, Ariana has various spells, which must be used during the game to lower the opponent’s health to a minimum before the grand finale.

On the other hand, if we look at the Raptor, we will see that this legend has a different card game, which offers a lot of armor, so that he is the survivor who can resist any attack.